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Enterprise Licencing Annual Subscription

How does Enterprise Licencing work?

An Enterprise Licence is a special licence key of Bluebeam Revu designed to help manage computer turnover. It does two things:

  1. Automatically releases registered computers that have failed to communicate with our licencing server for 15 days.
  2. Provides a temporary 5% overage of the total number of allowed installations.

In other words, once a machine takes up a seat by registering to an Enterprise Licence, it will periodically ping Bluebeam's Licencing Server to confirm that it is still active. If the machine fails to communicate with the server for a period of 15 days, it will automatically be released from the licence key, freeing up the seat to be registered to another machine. The 5% overage, or cushion, allows for the lag time between re-imaging workstations or releasing inactive seats. If you exceed the overage allowance, an "exceeded licences" warning will appear, and further installations will be restricted.

The benefit of Enterprise Licencing is that there is no longer a need to manually uninstall or release seats from workstations that are being transferred, phased out or re-imaged. This Enterprise Licencing option takes care of that for you, ensuring that your licenced seats are fully utilised. Also, because it is managed with Bluebeam servers, there is no need to install or maintain anything locally.

What are the Administrator capabilities for Enterprise Licencing?

  • Access to the Bluebeam Gateway
  • Count active Revu users versus available seats
  • Manage multiple seats through a single interface
  • Invite additional Administrators to assist in managing active users

How do I know if I have used all my licences? Is there a charge for going over?

With an Enterprise Licence, you gain access to the Bluebeam Gateway, a web portal for viewing and managing both Enterprise and Open Licences. The Bluebeam Gateway allows you to view how many seats of each version and edition you own, how many computers, or "seats," are registered to each licence, and which computers they are.

As long as your total number of registered machines per edition does not exceed the total number of seats allowed plus the 5% overage allowance, you are good! If you are approaching or exceeding your limit, you can purchase additional seats or unregister licences from computers as needed. Any new seats purchased may take up to 24 hours to update and appear in the Gateway.

How do I qualify for Enterprise Licencing?

There are a couple requirements for Enterprise Licencing. First, your licences must be consolidated into a single licence key by product. Second, your annual Maintenance must be current and maintained. Please note, Enterprise Licences are not intended for Citrix or other terminal server environments.

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Bluebeam Revu Enterprise Licensing Annual Subscription Bluebeam Revu Enterprise Licensing Annual Subscription

License Management can become more difficult across a network with the more perpetual licenses you own. An Enterprise Licensing Annual Subscription of Bluebeam Revu helps you to fully utilise your licensed seats by recycling machines no longer in use automatically, and providing greater visibility of active vs. available seats.

Our Price: $16.50 Inc GST